I am a natural storyteller with a strong interest in people, their individual personalities, and life stories. I consider it my goal to capture these fundamental subtleties through my camera lens.

I love the great outdoors, meeting new people and the buzz that comes from going on an adventure. 

For me photography is all about telling a powerful story, and capturing your connection as a couple, or a family. I am really inspired by documentary photography, and photojournalism what I actually studied in University and also cinema so the combination of these things influence my style. I am based in London (and Budapest) but I shoot all over the UK and abroad.



Portraits of Kapolcs -  35. Magyar Sajtófotó Kiállítás/35th Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition - Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest, HU, 2017

Portraits of Kapolcs-Art Festival, Kapolcs, HU, 2015

Grandchildren - 'Kisunokám' - Fuga Center of Architecture,  
Budapest, HU, 2015


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