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​In my degree project I researched the relationship between different grandparents and their grandchildren. I asked the question of ‘how do we relate to our grandparents when we, ourselves, are from such a younger generation? ’ Are they playing important roles in our lives? Is it important to keep in touch with them?  In this photography project, I explored how one can perceive this relationship with these key questions in mind.​
I have documented 5 unique grandparent to grandchild relationships and one self portrait with myself and my Grandma. I wanted to explore the personal stories behind these individual relationships, as well as the personal story I share with my own Grandma.

When I was young everything was different. We spent a lot of time at our ‘Granny’s.’ They took care of us, played with us, and were always eager to make sure we were well fed. I think we can agree that most of us have similar memories from our individual childhoods.  Then, we grow up and everything changes.
Teenagers especially, distance themselves from family members who love them the most.  After a while, we graduate from this awkward age and become adults. Many will attend university, get a job and find love. As a consequence, we take less and less time for those who were important figures in our childhood and who love us unconditionally.


Cili is 89, Zizi is 24 years old. Zizi regularly visits her grandma. They cook, talk and sometimes have parties together. Once I asked Zizi what her fondest memory with her Grandma was. Her answer was when they were dancing together in their holiday house at ‘Nemesvita’.


‘Mamajé’ (Zsuzsa) is 94 years old, Dani is 28 years old. Dani has been living abroad for many years working as an architect. They keep in touch weekly on Skype and when Dani is at home he spends a lot of time with his Granny.  When visiting they have breakfast, drink coffee, talk and exchange books with each other. He always introduces her to what he is working on currently.


“Hi Granny, I would like everything!”
Margit is 73 years old, and Adam is 26 years old. Adam starts his day every morning at Granny’s  with ‘Hi Grannie, I would like everything!’ The ‘everything’ refers to a sandwich, coffee and a raspberry cordial. Whenever Margit needs some help with fixing something in the house, Adam is always on hand to help.

pomi es david.02
pomi es david.01

Pomi is 90 years old, David is 28 years old. David lives very close to Pomi. He regularly visits her and they have long conversations, have a tea and sometimes David teaches English to Pomi.

‘Grandpa’ (Andras) is 88 years old,  Barbi is 25 years old. They live in the same building. Barbi has her apartment on the ground floor and ‘Grandpa’ is on the second floor. Barbi studies photography and her very favourite model is her Grandpa. When it comes to her photography she can easily convince her Grandpa to participate as a model. 

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